You are a bee planning the layout of your mighty empire! Your goal is to pollinate all the flowers in the field. Unfortunately, your minions are lazy and will only pollinate flowers within close proximity of their hives. You have a limited number of beehives, so place them wisely to achieve field domination.

Plant flowers in empty soil by pressing P. Some patches of soil are better than others and will grow more flowers. Beware, once you’ve planted a flower in a patch, you cannot place a beehive there, so choose where to plant carefully.

Place a beehive in empty soil by pressing E. When you place a beehive, that beehive’s workers will harvest 1 flower from each patch around the hive. The game ends once you have placed all of your beehives or if you run out of empty soil patches.

NOTE: When playing in the browser on some screens the game is zoomed in weirdly - to fix, zoom in/out on the page until it looks right (or download and play the Windows exe instead).

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Average sessionA few minutes


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